mind over matter


i bought a shirt.
my la dispute bruise :(((



oh goodness denis

I actually like my body. except I got my belly piercing when I weighed more so now it rests above my navel.

things 2011 taught me

- my friends are always incredible, but i never knew truly how incredible until i really, really needed them. never take them for granted.

- never shout never still makes great music <3 

- when someone tells you they love you it’s not always going to be true, but sometimes it might be

- don’t lose all hope in everything because you had one bad experience 

- people are going to annoy you. there’s nothing you can do about it and you’re better off just learning to not sweat the small stuff

- it’s really hard to let go but it’s even harder to keep something that hurts you 

- there is very few things a long hug isn’t going to make better 

- listen to your mom’s advice. 

- doing something you’re not comfortable with isn’t worth it no matter what other people try to convince you 

- don’t worry about your weight so much. you are beautiful no matter what the scale says and no matter what flaws you may see when you look in the mirror

- it’s okay to break down sometimes, you’re not the only person to feel so alone

- just because someone broke your heart, you don’t have to disregard the entire relationship

- shit talking somebody isn’t the way to deal with your problems 

- don’t think you need to put up with someone’s crap. you are worth so much more and if someone is diminishing that..find the strength to walk away

- what you’re feeling right now can’t possibly last forever

i’m sure there’s plenty more but right now i just don’t know. here’s to 2012 being the year where i take the lessons learned and turn them into more positive memories. 
sure, some sad times are bound to happen but i’m also looking forward to all the amazing people i’m going to meet, and all the incredible things i’m going to do <3

happy new year everybody! 

when i get proposed to i want the ring to be in a pokeball or smth

joey has the cutest hedgehog in the world omg c:

random facts about me,

1: I work at build-a-bear workshop. It’s fantastic.
2: Today, I discovered what university program I hope to get accepted into.
3:  For some reason, I can never keep a pair of headphones in working condition.
4: I’ve been told I’m a flirt who leads people on but if I’m interested, you’ll know. 
5: The last song I listened to was Any Other Heart by Go Radio.
6: I track the tag Tinychat and creep on people while doing my homework.
7: I’m going to marry Mac Miller and if you argue with me about it.. grr.

bye bye bbyyyyysss c: 

to all the people i go to school with :~)

hiiiii c;